Introducing Sans Souci

Introducing Sans Souci

Sans Souc

sans sou·​ci | care free

Cigale & Fourmi is launching its new Champagne Bar Sans Soući.

Sans Souci will be opening its doors for the first time in May 2023 and will be situated next to our Flagship Paviljongen in Hanko. The bar will further build on our vision to create a living room for everyone living in or visiting Hanko. 

With architecture inspired by the 1920s Paris, Sans Souci is part of Cigale & Fourmi’s philosophy which is drawn from the French fable about the ant and the grasshopper. We all have the two sides in us: the hard worker and the idler and balance can only be found by making room for both. 

Sans Souci is a place for guests to order a glass of champagne or wine in order to soak up the attractive atmosphere and enjoy a delightful view of the sea. In partnership with Hatt & Söner, we will also be launching our house Champagne with our own label.

In addition to the finest champagne and wine, the bar also serves selected drinks and espresso based coffee along with assorted snacks.

We are very excited to soon be able share this new space with you!

Anna & Christian

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