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We are a concept store with a carefully curated unique selection of pottery, outdoor furniture and other 
useful, stylish items for the home,  garden and beach life.​ Our product range is all about quality, elegance and creating memories. 
We favor ecologically sustainable products made with pride and respect for local craftmanship and traditions.  

Nature, tradition, design and colour inspires us. This can be seen inthe hand picked selection of products in our store. We favour
products that are made of natural and traditional materials, such as clay, wood and metal, that are beautifully designed with local
craftsmanship and brings us back to childhood memories.


The name Cigale & Fourmi is a French ancient Fable about the Grasshopper and the Ant. The Grasshopper is laid-back, social 
and likes leisure, while the Ant is a hard worker. 

We all have a Grasshopper and an Ant inside of us. That is, we all need a good work-life balance for our well being. 
An ecological, green lifestyle, an aesthetically pleasing environment and having fun are important factors for a good life. 
This is the philosophy we have in mind when choosing products for our shop.