Axel - Yellow

Koko: 60 cm


It is pure shape and various sizes that turned this pot into an instant classic for in - and outdoor use. The colour palette will inspire you in every season, be it in spring with flowers, and in winter without plants.

Axel pots are coloured with a silt by ‘angoben’ with the special property not to ‘glaze’ during baking. The result is the beautiful matte colour.

The Axel Pot is made of terracotta. Domanis own high quality clay has a kaolin basis with special properties. While baking, the clay will coalesce so that virtually no absorption of water is possible. These terracotta pots absorbs no more than 3-4% of water. With this low percentage of water the Axel Pots are guaranteed frost proof.

This pot has a draining hole.

Size D50/ inside top diameter 41cm, inside widest diameter 47cm, inside bottom diameter 22cm.

Size D60/ inside top diameter 53cm, inside widest diameter 57cm, inside bottom diameter 24cm.

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