London - White

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London Pot is made of Terra Cotta. Domanis own high quality clay has a kaolin basis with special properties. While baking, the clay will coalesce so that virtually no absorption of water is possible. These terra cotta pots absorbs no more than 3-4% of water. With this low percentage of water the London Pots are guaranteed frost proof.

Since Domani was founded 26 years ago, they have set an international standard for high-quality pottery and have produced some of the best outdoor decoration made in Europe. The search for new applications, both in colour and technique, is our trademark. Though Domani is reinventing tradition, their respect for the material remains a priority. They use the best traditional baking techniques but at the same time develop new procedures for spectacular glazing. From 16th century raku techniques to modern zinc, Domani always returns to the source: craftmanship. In their products, innovation meets tradition.

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