Nido Vase 11 - Large Antique Pink

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 Size: H45 cm x W45 cm x D35 cm approx.

For indoor use, with integrated drainage system

 The drainage system consists of a double internal base that does not alter the purity of the vase’s lines and maintains a water balance in order to avoid unnecessary stress to the plants. Small holes on the base/side of the vase maintain proper aeration and allow to avoid stagnation by emptying the excess water.

Each vase is accompanied by a small hand-made cap to be placed inside the vase in order to prevent the roots and the soil from entering the double internal base.

Moreover, the firing at 1050°C enables the clay to maintain its natural porosity, allowing the plant to establish a vital exchange relationship with its vase.

The vases are designed for indoor use. For a use outside, Studio Terrae realizes on request vases with cold-resistant clays, without double internal base but with a drain hole drilled at the bottom of the vase to maintain proper drainage. Although the clay we use for outdoor vases is frost proof, they should never be subject to snow & ice weather conditions as water will expand when frozen. Best practice is to store ceramic vases indoors for the winter months

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