Cigale & Fourmi Gift Guide

Cigale & Fourmi Gift Guide

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Remembering your loved ones with gifts is delightful, even for the giver. At its best, a gift serves as a beautiful reminder of the special day and the giver for years to come, accompanying the recipient through different life stages and homes. Cigale & Fourmi's selection is full of unique, personal gift ideas that leave a warm impression. We've gathered our best ideas into a gift guide—explore these personal options to wrap up!

Graduation Gifts



  • A clock is a timeless gift idea, but Båge & Söner's alarm clocks offer a more personal touch. Honouring traditional watchmaking methods, these high-quality, elegantly stylish clocks enhance any bedroom and can be cherished from home to home.
  • The quality of a fine pen is evident with every use. Like a watch, a luxury pen is a classic gift that exudes value and elegance. Moreover, a high-quality pen is a highly practical gift, perfect for a graduate as a reminder of their accomplished educational journey. Explore Caran D’Ache pens.
  • Cufflinks elevate formal attire to a new level and always remind the wearer of their significant achievement. It's a beautiful thought to give something that can be worn on every special occasion.
  • Decorative items delight recent graduates by taking pride in their homes and reminding them of their achievements! Classics also retain their value and make elegant gifts for all graduates—from those completing basic education to high school, vocational training, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorates. 

Gifts for Mum


Gifts for Dad



  • For the father who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, a high-quality and exceptionally stylish bottle opener is an excellent gift idea. The gift can be complemented with other kitchen items like coasters and tablecloths.
  • Cufflinks are a classic accessory for any stylish man at a formal event. The cufflinks in Cigale & Fourmi's collection will delight the recipient with their quality and personality.
  • Perfume is a classic gift. The Heeley fragrance range at Cigale & Fourmi enchants with its subtle nuances and fresh, simple ingredients. Heeley fragrances offer understated elegance and complete the wearer’s overall look. The scent also conveys the giver's boldness and trust that they truly know the recipient.
  • A functional and beautiful fire tool set will charm any father with its practicality. This gift will remind the recipient of the giver whenever a fire is lit.


Wedding Gifts


  • Create a cosy atmosphere for shared moments. Oil lamps and lanterns add a warm glow even to everyday moments, lifting the ambiance just enough above the ordinary.
  • The finest detail in a shared bedroom is a high-quality, subtly elegant clock. A Båge & Söner alarm clock is a gift that exudes stylish value and completes the home in a unique way.
  • A high-quality, stylish vase or jar, respecting traditional craftsmanship, is a beautiful decoration for a shared home. A vase or jar is also a slightly more personal gift option than traditional decorative items. However, Cigale & Fourmi's selection also includes traditional decorations suitable for the grandeur of a wedding celebration, delighting the couple for many years. Various sculptures also bring joy in a shared home or summer cottage.
  • Give the gift of joy and shared moments—Cigale & Fourmi's game selection is exceptionally stylish and full of value. A high-quality game made from premium materials is a personal gift that will certainly be used time and time again.

Gifts for a Gardener


Gardening is one of the best hobbies. Cigale & Fourmi's selection offers a unique and extensive range for the gardening enthusiast. Wrap a beautiful ribbon around a watering can or choose a suitable combination of high-quality and exceptionally stylish gardening tools.

Housewarming Gifts



  • Congratulations on your new home or summer cottage! Classic housewarming gifts include various home decorations and accessories, and Cigale & Fourmi's selection is extensive but carefully curated. It's lovely to give something that exudes quality and creates value around it. A warm and high-quality wool blanket, a stylish tablecloth, a delightful bottle opener, and the cornerstones of small interior decorations like placemats and coasters are all suitable gifts for a housewarming.
  • A high-quality bottle of celebratory drink is also a classic that always delights—Cigale & Fourmi's non-alcoholic beverages taste great to everyone and elevate toasts to a new level.
  • You can also give the gift of joy and atmosphere in the form of games! Games and other entertainment ensure that the home atmosphere rises to the occasion and makes the residence a special place to enjoy.

Small Gifts


Fragrance Diffuser Fragrance Diffucer Osmia

Small and budget-friendly surprises can sometimes be the most meaningful. They can be given unexpectedly and even without a good reason—just to show you're thinking of someone! For example, beautifully designed luxury matches bring joy and are sure to be used, bath oils and soaps, and room fragrances add luxury to everyday life, and coasters brighten up the space with their personal designs. Notebooks and non-alcoholic beverages are also a sure option for gifts.

Gifts for Pets


Dog Bed Hideaway - Mille fleurs Dog Bed Cloud7

It's also lovely to remember the furry members of the family with gifts. Cigale & Fourmi's selection of collars and food bowls is not only a delightful surprise for the pets but also for their owners, offering exceptional style.

Find more ideas in our comprehensive online store and at the picturesque Hanko Pavilion. We are happy to help you assemble a gift exactly to your wishes. Explore the entire extensive selection and make unique gift discoveries!

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