Frost-Resistant Pots

Within Cigale & Fourmi's extensive pottery collection, you'll find pots and planters that can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the North during autumn and winter.

Explore pots that combine weather resistance with exceptional beauty. Read more about storing pots outdoors throughout the winter!

Mital Saucer Terracotta (without rim) Saucer M.I.T.A.L
Vaso Liscio Doppio Bordo - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Saucer Liscio - Terracotta (without rim) Saucer Poggi Ugo
Foot - Piedino Zampa Leone foot Poggi Ugo
Vaso Scannellato - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Vaso Liscio Camelia - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Erbe - Grey Pottery Bergs Potter
Triangle Foot - Terracotta Pottery Poggi Ugo
Vaso Festonato - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Triangle Foot - Grey Pottery Poggi Ugo
Piede Soccolo Liscio Foot - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Erbe - Terracotta Pottery Bergs Potter
Lente - Grey Pot Poggi Ugo
Vasello - Terracotta - Cigale &  Fourmi
Archi - Cigale &  Fourmi
Olivia - Grey Pottery Bergs Potter
Vaso Camelia - Grey Pot Poggi Ugo
Sphere MITAL - Terracotta Statue M.I.T.A.L
Graz - Natural Grey Pottery Domani
Cilindro Pot Bergs Potter
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