All About Pots - How to Choose the Perfect Pot

All About Pots - How to Choose the Perfect Pot

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Cigale & Fourmi is known for its pots, and for a good reason - pots and ceramics are where the whole company began. Over the years, the selection has grown, evolved, and found its core. Now, the range includes an exceptionally extensive collection of pots from traditional manufacturers and small-scale producers across Europe. Despite the extremely comprehensive selection, there has been no compromise on the quality or values of the pots - quite the opposite, their importance has only been emphasized as the company has grown.

What makes Cigale & Fourmi an exceptional pot shop is that even larger pot orders can be taken with you immediately if needed, or ordered online with very fast delivery.

Ceramics that respect craftsmanship and traditions 

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All of the pots in Cigale & Fourmi's range come from small, tradition-respecting European manufacturers, and the majority of the pots are handmade. Tradition is reflected not only in the production and origin but also in the materials, as all the pots are made from natural materials, such as terracotta, concrete, or other natural materials. There are no plastic pots in the selection. Natural materials both respect traditional ceramics and allow plant roots to breathe.

Cigale & Fourmi advocates for quality, long-lasting choices in interior decor and ceramics. The majority of the pots in our selection are handmade, and handmade pots are made and awaited for even months. Each individual pot represents a style that retains its value. Tradition, in the case of pots, doesn't mean dull or one-dimensional. Refined shapes, clear lines, muted tones, and bright glazes ensure that those looking for variety and eye-catching pots will find a favorite pot in the selection.

Current Focus in Ceramics - Striking Sizes, Earthy Colors, and Sculptural Forms

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While Cigale & Fourmi's selection is filled with traditional options, it's clear that from time to time, certain trends attract exceptional admiration. Currently, large, earthy-toned pots are especially prominent in interior decor. However, pots shining in bright colors have also adorned Finnish homes in recent years. Cigale & Fourmi's range of pot colors and sizes is extensive, making it possible to cater to various preferences.

When it comes to outdoor pots, the demand for frost-resistant pots has strengthened every winter. More and more people hope to beautify their terrace or yard with pots all year round, where durability significantly affects pot selection. Cigale & Fourmi's selection also includes frost-resistant outdoor pots suitable for various styles. However, it's essential to remember that in harsh weather conditions, pot feet, a sheltered pot location, and a level surface are important factors for durability.

Pots and plants are often seen as complementary to each other. When it comes to indoor plants, large-sized houseplants are favored, which directly influences the demand for large pots. Currently, grand designs and striking appearance are in focus. However, traditional craftsmanship makes pots more than just a shelter for plants. Many pots serve as a striking detail on their own. It's becoming increasingly common to decorate and complete spaces solely with pots and ceramics. A beautiful pot doesn't even need a plant to enhance the decor; it acts as a sculptural element in the space.


Choosing the Right Pot

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How to Choose the Right Pot for the Right Space and Purpose? Consider these three points to find the perfect pot.

  • First, think about whether you want the pot for outdoors or indoors. Many outdoor pots can also be used indoors, but pots intended for indoor use usually can't withstand changing weather conditions outside. This narrows down the pot selection and makes choosing a pot easier.
  • Once you've determined the pot's purpose, it's good to consider whether you want to plant a specific plant in it. The plant, its size, and its requirements significantly affect the pot's size and, for example, the need for a saucer.
  • Lastly, an important aspect is identifying your own style and preferences. Do you want the pot to be a vibrant splash of color in the room, or a serene, earthy element that maintains the decor? At this stage, only your own desires, visions, and imagination matter!
However, it's common that a particular pot just captures your heart - we completely understand that. Sometimes, a pot simply speaks to you in a unique way. Nevertheless, we dare to promise that a beautiful, tradition-respecting pot will find its place and delight you from year to year, home to home, and plant to plant.

Welcome to explore our unique and exceptionally captivating pot selection! We're happy to assist in choosing a pot that suits the space and the plant's needs and provide expert advice on pot care.

With love,

Team Cigale & Fourmi


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