Ceramic Ideas and Inspiration to Finish Your Interior Design

Ceramic Ideas and Inspiration to Finish Your Interior Design

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The story of Cigale & Fourmi began with a love for ceramic pots. Along the way, the product range has expanded to include other beautiful items that brighten everyday life, but despite that, ceramics, especially pots, vases, and vessels in all their diversity, remain at the core of our product range. Ceramics continue to inspire and delight us every day.

The allure of ceramic pots is, of course, partly due to their impressive appearance. Large pots make a striking statement both indoors and outdoors, while small and charming pots captivate with their cuteness. Ceramic pots are not just beautiful to look at; they are deeply rooted in the tradition of craftsmanship and history, qualities we greatly appreciate. It's wonderful that we can offer beautiful, unique, and traditional details that complete realized dreams, whether it's for a home, restaurant, summer cottage, or any other special place.

Because there are as many different desires and visions as there are spaces, we have sought to include a wide range of different pots in our selection, so that everyone can realize their interior design dreams down to the very last detail.

Terracotta pots captivate with their tradition and heritage


Terracotta creates a uniquely traditional appearance for pots - after all, this material has been used for the production of various utensils for thousands of years. Terracotta is made from fired clay without glazing. The shades of the material can subtly vary in different shades of brown and orange, depending on the clay used in the production. These variations in shades and the unfinished look are a significant part of the pots' charm.

In interior design, terracotta adds a traditional character and a distinctive rustic feel to space. Terracotta pots are often associated with a certain bohemian vibe, and by using this material, it's possible to create an interesting contrast in modern spaces and, on the other hand, complement and complete a boho-style home.

We have carefully and passionately selected pots for our products, and each of them captivates us in its unique way. This autumn, we are particularly enamored with large pots in terracotta shades that impress with their grandeur. These work especially well in tall and spacious areas, as well as on terraces and in entryways.


Glazed pots shine in various colors


In addition to terracotta pots, glazed pots in their numerous colors also hold a special place in our hearts. We have selected a comprehensive range of such pots for sale, where the glazing process respects long-standing craftsmanship traditions.

Glazing allows for experimentation with different colors and styles. Elegant green, delicate light pink, invigorating yellow, or the always stylish black – glazing offers an opportunity to try different colors in your home's interior decor. When combined with an interesting surface texture in a beautiful shade, it creates a charming detail.

Glazed pots in their various colors can serve as a space accent or harmonize with the visible color scheme. You can choose the pot's color to match another small detail visible in the space, or a beautifully hued pot can be the most captivating detail in the room, drawing the eye time and time again.

Right now, we are particularly intrigued by glazed pots in calming shades of green. They add a touch of elegance to the space while maintaining a certain earthiness. The green color also pairs wonderfully with traditional and textured terracotta pots.

Vases and flower vases with cut flowers bring a room to life


Who wouldn't be delighted by beautiful cut flowers combined with a vase? A bouquet of flowers in an elegant vase is an eye-catcher that truly brings a room to life. In our opinion, flower bouquets belong to every day, not just special occasions - and a stunning bouquet naturally requires an exquisite vase.

There are no rules or limits when it comes to using vases and flower vases. Pair a vase with a striking and abundant flower arrangement or opt for a delicate and pale color palette for the flowers. In recent years, dried flowers, pampas grass, and cotton branches have also inspired many, and branches, for instance, bring a beautiful rustic atmosphere to the decor. Striking vases also serve as decorations in their own right.

Just like in the rest of our selection, with our vases and flower vases, we wanted to find those products where the traditional manufacturing materials add lasting value to the item, which remains cherished year after year.

Create an elegant atmosphere in your space with zinc pots


Speaking of pots, we can't help but mention our zinc pots. Their lively and sophisticated surface adds a unique sense of elegance to your interior or garden. Over time, the surface of zinc pots changes due to factors like weather conditions and humidity, and this only enhances the item's appeal. It's worth exploring zinc pots, especially if you can't seem to find the right fit among more traditional pot options.

Statues and sculptures put the finishing touch on your interior


The use of beautiful ceramics, of course, is not limited to just pots, vases, and flower vases. They are perfectly complemented by various statues and sculptures. When you extend the same material or style to other small details in the room, you can create an elegant and calming sense of unity. Statues and sculptures are also a fun way to experiment and push the boundaries in your interior design.

Pot stands and trays are at their best when they are both beautiful and practical


While interior design is primarily about self-expression, inspiration, and beautiful things for us, we haven't forgotten about practicality. Practicality can also be beautiful! As evidence of this, we have selected visually stunning pot stands and trays for our collection.

Pot stands elevate the pot from its base, allowing water to drain freely from the pot. At the same time, it makes it more difficult for ants and other small pests to access the pot. This way, carefully chosen and well-maintained plants can thrive in their pots. Whether your interior style is traditionally elegant or playful, a pot stand can reflect just that. An under-plate beneath the pot can also be an interesting detail in your decor. For example, with a tray, you can layer different shades of terracotta to create interest and a bohemian atmosphere in the space.

Turning ceramic interior dreams into reality

As you may have noticed, we wanted to create a comprehensive ceramic collection that makes it easy to realize your interior design dreams beautifully and practically. Our selection covers ceramic items for both indoor and outdoor use and for every season – and we know that in the north, outdoor items really need to withstand all sorts of conditions.

It's an honor for us to be a part of creating and finishing the spaces that are important to you, and that's why we have carefully curated all our ceramic products. Their origins and manufacturing techniques are an interesting part of the life of a pot. Some products come directly from Italy, some from France, and for some, traditional Japanese raku manufacturing techniques have been utilized.

We believe that our high-quality ceramic items, truly respectful of craftsmanship traditions, will delight, inspire, and complete your interior design year after year, whether in homes and cottages or public spaces. They work as a gift to yourself or a gift to a loved one.

Come and admire our impressive range on our website, at the Hanko store, or at the Espoo showroom. The sea of pots with fascinating textures and lovely shades in all sizes is a truly breathtaking sight.

Welcome to the wonderful world of pots with us!

With love,

Team Cigale


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