Traditional board games for the entire family - these classics also crown the interior

Traditional board games for the entire family - these classics also crown the interior

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Traditional board games entertain various groups and entire families from one game session to another, regardless of the players' ages. From our selection, you'll find the true classics of board games beautifully presented. The game is also timeless, classic, and always a welcome souvenir or gift idea!

What could be a more enjoyable way to spend a leisurely evening than a board game session in good company – a board game is undoubtedly the best among the evening's activities. In our minds, board games are associated with the most wonderful moments spent together, with family, relatives, and friends. The best board games can be enjoyed by both children and adults and provide entertainment year after year.

From a traditional board game to a classic interior element for your home

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As you know, here at Cigale & Fourmi, we love beautiful, carefully considered details and the aesthetics of everyday life. We also have a deep respect for tradition. These values that are dear to us are also reflected in our classic game selection. We've curated a collection of games that are exceptionally beautiful and traditional in appearance, making them the perfect addition to your home decor. Combining classic games with harmonious color palettes and high-quality natural materials adds a charming touch to your interior, perhaps gracing your bookshelf. Plus, when a game is on display, it's more likely to be enjoyed regularly. All too often, games hidden away in storage are forgotten, and as a result, many fun games go unplayed. An exceptionally beautiful game is also a wonderful gift or present to place under the Christmas tree. With a bit of luck, during a visit, you'll get to enjoy the excitement of the game yourself.

The best part of a good board game is the hours spent engrossed in the game's twists and turns, eagerly anticipating the outcome. Players are eager to return to the game night after night. Some situations call for lighter games, allowing for conversation and socializing between moves. Games also work as a fun evening pick-me-up. At times, however, it's intriguing to delve into perfecting game strategies and challenging your thinking with strategically challenging board games. Of course, you can mix and match games to create a single game night that incorporates elements from both ends of the spectrum!

Classic board games for lighthearted moments

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Sometimes, amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you long for something fun and lighthearted that doesn't require a commitment for the entire evening. For such occasions, the best board games are the classic Jenga, Dominoes, and Yahtzee. These games are familiar to almost everyone, and you can quickly learn their rules if needed. There's no need to worry about complicated and multi-step instructions. These board games are suitable for both adults and children. Playing these games is perfect for sharing stories, cracking jokes, and enjoying each other's company while the game provides enjoyable entertainment for the whole group throughout the evening. These games are true classics, and their charm doesn't fade even after many years.

In our selection, the Jenga game is beautifully colored in various shades of pink, and Yahtzee is elegantly packaged in a turquoise box. Dominoes, on the other hand, are made of wood, from the pieces to the packaging, and this family-friendly game can be found in our range in three different sizes.

These classic games are suitable for the whole family and are a fun way to entertain the little ones, especially on a day like Christmas Eve, throughout the exciting day. In particular, Jenga causes heartwarming bursts of laughter from kids when it tumbles, making the wait for Santa Claus go by more smoothly.

Challenge your thinking with traditional strategic board games

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Sometimes, instead of light entertainment, you crave tactical moves and a challenge for your brain. For such moments, we can recommend our all-time favorite, Chess. Chess is a true classic board game that, in our opinion, should be found in every home, cottage, and villa. At its best, this game offers endless moments of excitement, challenges your strategic thinking, and provides just the right level of competition between players. Playing this board game can also lead to delightful experiences of success and learning. For newcomers, understanding the rules attached to the game pieces may take a few rounds to become familiar, but we dare say it's worth the effort. Once you dive into the fascinating world of knights, queens, and soldiers that make up the army, you'll hardly want to stop playing.

If you think Chess alone isn't enough to entertain you on multiple evenings, we have a solution for that as well. A stylishly designed package that combines four classic games is sure to provide exciting moments for even the most demanding gaming group. When all your family's favorite games are in the same package, there's no need to worry about dull moments. Instead, the challenge might be in deciding in what order to tackle the games.

The recipe for a perfect game night


At its best, a board game offers endless entertainment and fun moments! Especially during the holidays around Christmas, there are often situations that practically demand a fun board game. The recipe for a perfect game night consists of good company, delicious snacks, and a cheerful, just-right competitive atmosphere. So, we suggest that during the Christmas holidays, you gather a bunch of friends, set the table with some easy and tasty finger foods, both savory and sweet, and fill the glasses with bubbly or the delightfully warming Gimber. During the Christmas season, an adult game night combined with a delicious cheese platter complete with fruits and crackers is a surefire hit. For the kids, enjoying games with snacks like popcorn, fruit slices, and their favorite candies can be a great choice. Once the table is set, and your friends are invited, you're just one game away from a fun evening.

We hope you'll spend numerous exciting, memorable, and heartwarming moments in good company with classic board games!

With love,

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