Galestro - Grey

Size: D25 cm
Sale price$70.92


Bergs potter is a Danish family business with long tradition in making handmade terracotta pots in Tuscany. 

Sturdy and elegant, The Galestro stands firm from its edge to its subtly tapered base. Galestro is the name for the type of clay used to construct the pot, and we think the name also suits this design well.

This Grigiolava pot has a draining hole and comes with a matching saucer.

The pot that is 40 cm in diameter weights  approximately 10.5 kg and the matching saucer 3.5 kg  and does not have the stripes that the 30 cm in diameter has on the picture.

The pot that is 30 cm in diameter (the one in the picture) weights approximately 4.5 kg and the matching saucer 1.8 kg. 


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