Gloves- Heikki Peccary 100% Cashmere BLACK

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Size 7.5
  • Peccary wild boar leather
  • Knitted lining from 100% cashmere
  • Classic cork brown colour
  • Hand-sewn
  • Made in Europe

A classic design handmade from wild peccary boar leather is the the Rolls Royce of gloves. These gloves are passed down from generation to generation, from father to son.

These gloves combine two fantastic luxury materials: peccary and cashmere wool. As both materials are incredibly insulating, these gloves are perfect for winter, and will keep your hands warm even during cold winter weather. The breathable natural materials make these gloves a joy to wear throughout the winter.

Wild boar leather is velvet soft and durable. At best, these gloves will be a joy to wear for years. The structure of the leather is porous, making it extremely warm. The beautiful structure of the leather combined with its practical features make it a unique and special material.

In addition to being the perfect leather for gloves, peccary is valuable because of its limited availability. Peccary is manufactured in Peru, which is the only country allowed to sell this valuable leather. Indigenous peoples in the Amazon hunt the peccary boar for its meat. As the species is CITES-protected, its hunting is only allowed for survival. In other words, the peccary boar is not hunted because of its hides; the hides are just a by-product. And as always with leather derived from wild species, each hide is unique, reflecting the life of the individual animal.

This traditional design has three decorative stitches on the back of the hand. The cuff is around 1.9” long (approx. 5 cm), covering the wrist. Gloves made of peccary wild boar leather must always be hand-sewn, as the leather is relatively thick. Due to this, the gloves are sewn with a counter seam, i.e. the seam is visible on the outer side of the gloves. This means that the gloves are hand-sewn with a needle and thread, which is a very precise and time-consuming process. The average seamstress creates about 2,5 pairs of gloves per day.

Over 100 careful crafting steps and high-quality materials make these gloves an excellent investment.

The gloves are supposed to fit snugly at first, so that they can mould to fit the individual shape of the wearer’s hands over time. The most important phase determining the fit of the gloves is cutting the leather. The gloves get their perfect fit with the help of the centuries-old table cutting method. Any excess elasticity is stretched out of the leather, leaving only an optimal amount of flexibility. This is to ensure that the gloves retain their fit, and don't stress even after long-term use. Each hide is processed separately. As the wild peccary boar is a relatively small wild animal, it's hides may contain faults, tears, and even holes. Hence, cutting the leather is like a jigsaw puzzle, as the experienced cutting master finds the right pieces from the hides for each part of the gloves. Luckily, the hides are utilised thoroughly, as gloves have many small parts, especially between the fingers.

The lining inside the gloves is practically another glove inside a glove. As natural material, cashmere is wonderfully soft, breathable, and a fantastic thermal insulator. As leather lasts longer than the knitted lining, it's possible to exchange the lining to a new one to lengthen the lifespan of the gloves.

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