Vaso con Due Orli - Grey

Size: D20 cm x H20 cm
Sale price$60.74


Two-rimmed vase or double-edged vase is a variation of the festooned vase, requested in the 1950s by German customers to whom the Tuscan-style festooning seemed excessive, but too smooth was the smooth vase: they decreed that the vase with two edges was the right combination for their taste and for the transalpine market in general. The result is a model that is still now the best-selling in the world. The truncated conical shape of golden ratio makes the vase simple but harmonious and facilitates the transplanting of the plant with each transfer. Handmade with Impruneta clay resistant to frost at -30°C. The excellent breathability of terracotta, the thermoregulation and the slight release of the watering humidity, give health to the roots of the plants planted.

This pot has a draining hole, we recommend "feet" under the pot (outdoors) min.3/pot.


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