Interview with AIDA Impact's Elina Siira: Settling in with the Help of Jewelry

Interview with AIDA Impact's Elina Siira: Settling in with the Help of Jewelry

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Cigale & Fourmi's range is filled with products carefully chosen with eyes and heart, each of which upholds the company's values and enriches the product selection in an interesting way. AIDA Impact is a Finnish jewelry brand whose values, aesthetics, and ideas align perfectly with the ideology of Cigale & Fourmi.

AIDA Impact is a socially responsible jewelry brand that produces high-quality materials to create intriguing jewelry pieces for adorning both ears and necks. The jewelry brand originated when the company's founder and artistic director, Elina Siira, dreamt of a profession in which she could merge her value system with the everyday joy of aesthetics. This dream materialized with the birth of the AIDA Impact jewelry brand.

Even though Siira has always been captivated by jewelry and has been crafting her own since childhood, establishing her own jewelry brand was not a given. Simply creating a new material was never a compelling enough reason for her to start a company. Eventually, however, jewelry evolved into a business idea that enables Siira to combine her passion for aesthetics with her desire to make the world even a slightly better and more egalitarian place.

Settling in with the help of jewelry

Elina Siira Aida Impact

Elina Siira Aida Impact Cigale Fourmi

Picture 1: Photographer Siiri Sirviö. Featuring Elina Siira. Picture 2: Photographer Hayley Le. Featuring Shiva and Yulia from the AIDA Impact team.

Aida means both gift and doing good in different languages. This multiplicity of meanings is the starting point for the creation of the entire jewelry brand. A beautiful piece of jewelry brings joy in everyday life and celebrations, and it also does good on a larger scale. AIDA Impact's jewelry is crafted by the hands of immigrant women, providing them with their first job in a new homeland. Employment helps with their integration and opens the doors to the workforce.

"My own mother is an immigrant, and I've seen and experienced from a young age the significant impact work has on one's identity and life. Due to my own experiences, I know how important it is for a child to see their parents in the workforce as part of society and social networks."

Currently, AIDA Impact employs seven immigrant women, for whom AIDA is their first step into the Finnish workforce.

"It's wonderful that through AIDA Impact, I can combine my values and my passion for aesthetics, adding beauty to everyday life and the fun of dressing. An AIDA Impact piece of jewelry is the perfect gift, either for oneself or a loved one, as it not only includes the gift of the jewelry but also the gift of employment," says Siira.

Contemporary Timelessness and Everyday Aesthetics

Aida Impact korut

Aida Impact Cigale Fourmi


Image 3: Photographer Hayley Le Image 4: Photographer Hayley Le. Featuring Yulia and Shiva from AIDA Impact team

Siira describes herself as a visualist, and it is evident in her broader style and interior design. The beauty of everyday life, especially old items, inspires her in her jewelry design work.

"It's marvelous and inspiring how something made a hundred years ago can still be relevant today."

Siira aims to create a look for her jewelry that is both contemporary and timeless. She finds richness and diversity in different cultures, combined with minimalism, intriguing, and this reflects in the style of her jewelry. When you add the unique shapes of high-quality natural materials and a certain kind of imperfection that adds interest to the mix, you get AIDA Impact jewelry.

"I don't wish for anyone to buy our jewelry solely because it supports a good cause. I want the jewelry to be genuinely pleasing for everyday use, something you put on time and time again."

Delight yourself or a friend while doing good. Explore and be enchanted by Cigale & Fourmi's jewelry collection!

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