All About Pots - How to Take Care of Your Pot All Year Round

All About Pots - How to Take Care of Your Pot All Year Round

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Naturally, when you have a pot that's carefully crafted and perfectly suits the ambiance, style, and your own preferences for the space, you'll want to take the best care of it. Ideally, the pot becomes a part of your life, transitioning from one life situation and home to another.

In essence, looking after a pot doesn't require anything too demanding. The most important thing is to ensure that the pot is placed in its intended location and provide it with a sheltered storage place when needed, especially over the winter. If the pot contains a plant, consider that the pot is sufficiently large for the plant's roots - this way, both the plant and the pot will thrive.

Overwintering Pots - Safely Indoors



The pot is made of natural material that may not necessarily withstand the harshest weather conditions. As autumn progresses, it's worth considering whether smaller, easily portable pots could be brought indoors or stored in a cool shelter.

If it's possible to store the pot indoors, it's a good time to clean it. Glazed pots often only require wiping with a damp cloth. Terracotta pots and other rough-surfaced pots can be sprayed and cleaned with a soft brush. After cleaning, you can store the pot upside down if you don't want to keep it on display.

Overwintering Pots - Do This If You Want to Keep the Pot Outside

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More and more, people want their pots to adorn their terraces or gardens year-round, and choosing the right pot begins with identifying pots suitable for the prevailing conditions. Only specific pots are designed to withstand significant temperature fluctuations, wind, and storms. However, a large portion of Cigale & Fourmi's pots can withstand even the stormiest outdoor conditions. For example, take a look at Doman and Poggi Ugo's outdoor pot selection! If you intend to keep a pot outdoors all year, it's still a good idea to prepare it for winter.

Four tips for overwintering pots outdoors:

  1. Choose the location carefully! When leaving a pot outside, make sure it's on a level and relatively hard surface. Don't place the pot under an eave, where it might constantly receive water, snow, or ice falling onto it. Also, consider snowplow routes when thinking about a sheltered spot for the pot.
  2. Ensure the hole at the bottom of the pot doesn't get clogged. If there is a plant in the pot, you can place a curved element over the hole and put loose stones on top so that the roots can breathe, and water can drain.
  3. In very cold conditions and rapidly changing temperatures, we recommend insulating and protecting the pot with, for example, a blanket or a similar fabric.
  4. Once the pot is in place, remove the saucer and place pot feet under the pot to allow water to drain freely without freezing in the pot.

    Beautiful and practical pot feet


    Pot feet are both practical and beautiful. In addition to their stylish appearance, pot feet play a crucial role in the durability of your pot. They also help maintain the condition of your patio.

    Pot feet allow water to drain freely from the bottom of the pot. This is particularly important during freezing temperatures to prevent water from freezing inside the pot. Simultaneously, pot feet ensure that air circulates freely beneath the pot, preventing it from sitting in damp soil. For instance, it's a good practice to raise outdoor pots like those from Poggi Ugo, Bergs Potter, and M.I.T.A.L.

    Pot feet also help preserve the condition of your patio. It's common for pots to leave marks on the ground, which can be avoided by using pot feet.

    Pot feet serve their primary purpose outdoors, but indoors, they can be used to create even more striking details. Inside, pot feet enhance the pot's presentation, adding a touch of luxury to your space. Explore some eye-catching options!

    With these tips, you can care for your pots year after year. We're also happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about pot maintenance. Feel free to visit our store or contact us at

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