Glazed Vases

Picture-perfect flower bouquets need a picture-perfect vase to accompany them. In Cigale & Fourmi's selection, you will find beautiful vases with striking details and delicious colours. These vases serve as decorative elements as well.

Honey - Green Emerald Vase/Pot Bergs Potter
Misty - Green Emerald Vase Bergs Potter
Romeo - Green Emerald - Cigale &  Fourmi
Willow Vase - Emerald Green Pottery Bergs Potter
Daisy Vase - Green Emerald Vase Bergs Potter
Minsk - High White Vase Domani
Daisy Vase - Yellow Amber Vase Bergs Potter
Willow Vase - Black Pottery Bergs Potter
Minsk - High Red Vase Domani
Sold Out
Caracas Raku Pot - White Vase Domani
Oak - Green Emerald Vase Bergs Potter
Caracas Raku Pot - Mint - Cigale &  Fourmi
Minsk - High Pink Vase Domani
Caracas Raku Pot - Brick - Cigale &  Fourmi