Oak - Green Emerald

Size: D21 cm x H35 cm
Sale price€117,00


This vase comes in two sizes: 35 cm and 45 cm high. It is large enough to have standing on the floor with a large bouquet or a few decorative branches in it. The large model (45 cm) even works as a umbrella stand.

Bergs potter is a Danish family business with long tradition in making handmade terracotta pots in Tuscany. 

Just outside of Copenhagen, in the historic fishing village of Dragør, there is a unique interplay between the blue sea, the ornate houses and the shiny green gates of the paved avenues. It is this enchanting color combination that inspires our glazed pots, jars and vases.

Berg potters glaze is saturated with intense color, accentuating the nuances between our different types of pots. Each pot, jar and vase is glazed the old-fashioned way, individually and by hand.

Like Berg’s raw herb pots, the sturdy glazes and timeless colors signal that pots Glazed by Bergs are made to last for generations to come. Quality will always be classic.

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