Raw Pots

Traditional raw pots bring a rustic and earthy charm to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Raw pots are always a stylish choice, captivating with their rustic and traditional look. In our selection, you can discover both simple, unadorned raw pots and intricately patterned ones, all crafted from terracotta.
Vaso Liscio Doppio Bordo - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Vaso Scannellato - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Vaso Liscio Camelia - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Erbe - Grey Pottery Bergs Potter
Vaso Festonato - Terracotta Pottery M.I.T.A.L
Erbe - Terracotta Pottery Bergs Potter
Vasello - Terracotta - Cigale &  Fourmi
Lente - Grey Pot Poggi Ugo
Olivia - Grey Pottery Bergs Potter
Archi - Cigale &  Fourmi
Vaso Camelia - Grey Pot Poggi Ugo
Vaso con Due Orli - Grey Pot Poggi Ugo
Cilindro Pot Bergs Potter
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