Vaso Liscio Camelia Pot - Terracotta

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Size D25

The terracotta used in making the Vase Liscio Camelia comes from Impruneta and differ quite a bit from other terracotta products. This has to do with the distinctiveness of the Tuscan territory and from the use of a special chemical composition the clay. The raw material, once processed and burned, gives the product ultimately its extraordinary high resistance against freezing and all weather conditions, as well as a warm and colorful tint. The pots are handmade and therefore each pot has its own patina and may vary in size by a few cm.

The approximate sizes: 

D25: inner measure 24,5 cm, outer measure 31 cm. Hight 25 cm.

D30: inner measure 30 cm, outer measure 36 cm. Hight 30 cm.

D35:inner measure 35 cm, outer measure 42 cm. Hight 33 cm.

D40: inner measurement 40/42 cm, outer measurement 48/50 cm . Height 40 cm.

D45: inner measure 45/47 cm, outer measure 55/57 cm. Height 42/44 cm

D50:inner measure 52 cm, outer measure 60 cm. Hight 47 cm.

D60: inner measure 62 cm, outer measure 72 cm

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