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Cigale & Fourmi was born out of love for pottery

Cigale & Fourmi was born out of a love for pottery, a desire to create cherished memories, and a vision to complement the unique seaside atmosphere of Hanko, the southernmost city in Finland. Today, Cigale & Fourmi is celebrated for its exceptional product range, ambiance, and holistic customer experience.

Over the years, the company has expanded to include Espoo Showroom and a multitude of pop-up events. Through its online store, Cigale & Fourmi has earned international recognition. Nevertheless, the hometown continues to play a significant role in the company's operations, and the story of Hanko Pavilion evolves alongside Cigale & Fourmi.

The tale of Cigale & Fourmi began with ceramics. It all started when the founders, Anna and Christian, began importing ceramics in 2018. The first shop quickly brimmed with exquisitely crafted traditional ceramics from Italy, France, and other parts of Europe, which were hard to find in Finland.

The ceramic-filled shop offered something novel, attracting admiration and interest. The initial location soon grew too small, prompting the search for a new one. They aimed for uniqueness and intrigue, where visitors could have a more comprehensive experience. Cigale & Fourmi aspired to create a place where ceramics could shine, and where visitors could relish their time amidst aesthetically pleasing products.

The choice for the new store location fell on an old pavilion in the heart of beautiful Hanko. Through renovation, the pavilion was transformed into a comprehensive and immersive store, allowing visitors to briefly escape the rush of daily life and imperfections. As the store expanded and the business evolved, an opportunity arose to diversify the product range beyond ceramics. Their selection now includes thoughtfully curated design objects that contribute to aesthetics, genuine joy, and happiness in everyday life. The pavilion and the online store offer an array of character-filled utility and decorative items that, at their finest, evoke memories and emotions. All products are meticulously chosen to align with the company's values and principles of traditional, timeless, high-quality, yet playful design. The concept is to offer something unique for the home, garden, and even the beach. While ceramics remain at the core of the business, other products complement the range. Decorative items add intriguing details to interior design, and garden tools facilitate the creation of beautiful plantings in the ceramics.

Cigale & Fourmi was founded in Hanko because the city offers a wholly unique atmosphere and ambiance. The aim was to introduce something fresh and meaningful to the city. A visit to the Pavilion becomes a comprehensive experience, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the beauty of design and the Pavilion's ambiance. Since then, Cigale & Fourmi has expanded its operations to Espoo, hosted pop-up events, and ventured into the online platform, where the carefully curated product range has delighted people globally. Businesses seeking a unique and valuable way to enhance their image also place their trust in Cigale & Fourmi's products and expertise.

Cigale & Fourmi is the realization of a dream that has been meticulously worked on for years, down to the smallest details. The heart of the company remains in Hanko, where the story of Cigale & Fourmi continues to evolve. Nevertheless, the quest for aesthetically pleasing products and experiences extends beyond Hanko's borders. Espoo Showroom enriches the company's operations, while the online store brings aesthetic beauty within reach for everyone, regardless of location. Looking ahead, the business will continue to grow and evolve. However, one thing is certain: Cigale & Fourmi will persist in offering experiences and products that align with the company's values and bring joy across generations. It will remain an integral part of both everyday life and special occasions, rekindling memories of childhood summers.

With love,

Team Cigale & Fourmi