Foot- Piede Soccolo Liscio- Terracotta

Size: L10 cm x W5 cm x H5 cm
Sale price€15,00


Pottery feet are used for elevating pots from the ground. This makes the pot stand taller. The feet also makes the water drain out more easily from the pot which is necessary if you want to avoid breakage during frost. 

One pot needs 3 feet.

NOTE: The price is for one foot.

The terracotta used in making this foot comes from Impruneta and differ quite a bit from other terracotta products. This has to do with the distinctiveness of the Tuscan territory and from the use of a special chemical composition the clay. The raw material, once processed and burned, gives the product ultimately its extraordinary high resistance against freezing and all weather conditions, as well as a warm and colorful tint. The unique quality of these products makes them harmonize with each and every environment. 

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