A Potted Garden Can Be Created Anywhere - Craft The Garden Of Your Dreams Using Pots!

A Potted Garden Can Be Created Anywhere - Craft The Garden Of Your Dreams Using Pots!

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 Are you dreaming of a beautiful garden? This year, bring it to life with pots!


Spring has arrived, gently steering our thoughts towards summer. Naturally, this signals the perfect moment to embrace our enthusiasm for gardens, yards, and pots. Now is the opportune time to initiate plans for your garden, balcony, or terrace, with planting and the realisation of these plans soon to follow. Cigale & Fourmi has meticulously prepared for the season, showcasing an unparalleled array of pots in their brilliance, variety, and innovation. We firmly believe that the crafting of the most exquisite gardens is rooted in the use of pots.


A Potted Garden for Every Setting and Purpose



The allure of a potted garden lies in its simplicity and one of its most appealing benefits: there's no need for extensive yard space or even a modest garden plot to begin. Whether it's a compact balcony, a snug terrace, or even just enough room for a handful of pots, a potted garden can flourish. Utilising spaces as small as a windowsill or a tabletop, anyone can bring to life a verdant oasis. In larger outdoor areas, pots serve as eye-catching elements that enhance the garden's aesthetic appeal. The arrangement—be it the size, quantity, or placement of pots—is entirely customisable, empowering gardeners to tailor their green spaces within the confines of their surroundings. Moreover, the adaptability of a potted garden invites ongoing experimentation, making it a source of endless entertainment, engagement, and creative expression all through the gardening season.


Embarking on the journey of container gardening begins with a choice: starting with select pots or specific plants. If you envision a particular plant adorning your space, its size and requirements should guide the selection of an appropriate pot. For those inclined towards perennials, opting for frost-resistant pots is wise, alleviating the need to switch containers with the onset of colder weather. Such pots guarantee a seamless gardening experience throughout the year. Cigale & Fourmi presents a wide array of appealing options, catering to every gardener's needs. 


Alternatively, you may start by choosing from a captivating collection of pots—ranging from quaint and elegant to classic designs—before deciding on the plants to complement them. Discover how to select the ideal pot that aligns with your space and gardening aspirations. 


Craft Your Ideal Container Garden with Pots and Saucers


Potted Garden Cigale & Fourmi


This spring and summer, the garden will bloom into its brightest glory, combining plants and ceramics. Cigale & Fourmi's selection offers countless combinations and options to suit every taste and style. Pots with their plants can elevate a yard or garden for celebrations, so if graduations, confirmation parties, Midsummer festivities, or crayfish parties are on the horizon, it's wise to plan these impressive setups well in advance. Whether you desire abundance, a dazzle of colors and intriguing details, understated elegance, or something in between, Cigale & Fourmi's experts and selection are at your service.


Cigale & Fourmi's assortment displays a love for traditional ceramics and pots. Our online store and brick-and-mortar shops charm with an exceptionally wide pot collection, offering options for everyone. Despite the vast selection, each pot is chosen with care. The methods and materials of pot production have been thoroughly researched because they are intended to uphold the traditions associated with ceramics. Moreover, the entire selection aims to represent top-notch quality and unique character.



If you dream of a traditional, simple, and nature-close container garden, we especially recommend terracotta pots, which delight with their unadorned ruggedness. If you prefer pots that capture attention, brightly glowing glazed pots might be the perfect choice. Zinc pots offer an interesting addition to the garden and yard as their surface changes with the weather conditions. You can mix and match various shades, materials, and styles to create a rich and visually stunning collection of pots. Often, asymmetry and odd numbers make pot arrangements look intriguing, but symmetry can work brilliantly as well.


In addition to pots, playing with plants in a container garden can significantly influence the garden's appearance. If every pot and plant repeats the same style and color scheme, a sleek and stylish garden emerges. On the other hand, using different colors, plants, and pot styles can create an impressively lush and vibrant outcome. Alternatively, different pots can be balanced with flowers and plants of the same color scheme or vice versa - choose pots of the same style and creatively combine them with different plants. For example, tall citrus trees along with marigolds and starry eyes offer interesting contrast and visual diversity.


We want to remind you that there are no rules or limits in arranging pots and plants! Both abundance and a simple minimalist look can be achieved by utilising pots.


Essential and Stylish Pot Feets To Your Garden



Small yet significantly impactful details in a container garden include pot feets. They are both necessary and beautiful additions to any container garden. Feet slightly elevate pots off the ground, allowing water to freely drain from the pot and air to circulate. Additionally, they prevent ants and other insects from nesting under the pots. Therefore, saucers directly contribute to the well-being and vitality of plants. At the same time, saucers maintain the appearance of the terrace, as they prevent the familiar ring stains that pots often leave on deck boards. Pot feet also protect the pot itself during frosty conditions. Thus, feets significantly improve the overall appearance of the terrace and the well-being of plants over the long term. Simultaneously, a saucer is a stylish and playful addition to the design of your potted garden.


Discover our range of options and elevate your pots gracefully off the ground.


Cigale & Fourmi offers a selection of minimalist and subtly elegant simple feets, as well as decorative, playful, and eye-catching alternatives! Choose options that suit your style and the ambiance of your garden, or mix and match both. Cigale & Fourmi is particularly charmed by the combination of lion's paws and the spring 2024 novelty, the lion's head, in the same pot arrangement.


Utilise Pots Versatilely - Grow Beneficial Plants!



Pots are eye-catching features in various spaces - a pot and plant together form the most classic decoration. A garden with its plants delights and offers a sense of achievement throughout spring, summer, and autumn.


Beyond visual appeal, a container garden can provide an excellent growing medium for beneficial plants, offering not just beauty but also utility. Imagine picking herbs straight from your garden to season and garnish your summer dishes. Is there anything more delightful?


In a container garden, you can grow beneficial plants such as:


  • Tomatoes
  • Blueberry bushes
  • Edible flowers
  • Herbs
  • Onion plants
  • Strawberries
  • Lettuce


There are many ways to create a beneficial plant garden. Thanks to pots, you can grow beneficial plants even if you don't have suitable ground available. Once you have found the right pots, you can start growing beneficial plants by planting seeds, cuttings, or splitting root balls.


For example, tomatoes are an excellent addition to a potted garden, as pots often provide an ideal growing medium for tomatoes. It's best to plant tomatoes early in spring. By June, as the temperature rises and sunlight increases, tomato pots should be moved against a wall. Carefully select a spot where the sun shines for as long as possible during the day. To ensure a bountiful harvest, choose a pot with a diameter of at least 50 cm.



For more substantial beneficial plants, like tomatoes, a larger pot is recommended. The more room for soil and nutrients, the better the growing conditions for the plant. Large pots are also beneficial when planning summer trips, as the larger the pot and more soil it contains, the better moisture is retained. For beneficial plants, choose pots with a drainage hole to prevent water from stagnating. For drainage assistance, add gravel or another airy growing medium to the soil.


Tomatoes are not the only beneficial plants that can be grown in a container garden. It's delightful to plant various edible plants and herbs in pots, and a large space and pot are not prerequisites for establishing a beneficial plant garden - a herb potted garden can even be set up on a windowsill! For instance, mint thrives in a pot because it has its own growing medium and doesn't steal energy from other garden plants. Rosemary, thyme, and chives are also wonderful plants for smaller pots, adding flavour to foods and drinks. Explore small pots that can be placed on a windowsill or flower table. 


Unleash Creativity in Designing Your Potted Garden



Cigale & Fourmi encourages people to enjoy and experiment with new dimensions in decor, gardening, and yard design. A potted garden is a great opportunity to try something new, combine different and even surprising materials, and play with colors if inspired this spring. One of the best aspects of a potted garden is that it can be rearranged and moved from place to place as often as desired! Thanks to a container garden, your garden can look completely different in spring, summer, and autumn.


Cigale & Fourmi's Tips for Implementing a Potted Garden


  • Combine pots of different heights and plants to create an interesting and visually surprising whole.
  • It's common to see beautifully cascading or bushy plants in pots, but small trees also complement pots wonderfully and offer a slightly more unique option.
  • Utilise beneficial plants! Is there anything lovelier than fetching the final touch for dishes and wonderfully cooling mocktails from your own yard or balcony?
  • Have fun and go wild! Small and large pots, natural and brightly attention-grabbing pots can form an exceptionally striking ensemble. You're allowed to be creative with pots!


It's time to make dreams come true! Whether you have a windowsill, balcony, garden, or large yard available for fulfilling your garden dreams, Cigale & Fourmi provides the pots to create your dream container garden. Welcome to explore our pottery collection, where you'll find pots respecting craftsmanship traditions in your desired size and color. Let's create the garden of your dreams together!


Sharing garden dreams,


Team Cigale & Fourmi

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