Nuuk - Mint Green - Cigale & Fourmi


Nuuk - Mint Green

From €294
Kitchen Clock Cirrhites - Cigale & Fourmi


Kitchen Clock Cirrhites

Blanket in New Wool - Dark Mustard Loose Weave - Cigale & Fourmi

Tartan Blanket Company

Blanket in New Wool - Dark Mustard Loose Weave

Bellow - Oak - Cigale & Fourmi


Bellow - Oak

Fragrance Diffuser - Cigale & Fourmi


Fragrance Diffuser

Simona - Terracotta - Cigale & Fourmi

Bergs Potter

Simona - Terracotta

From €14

who we are

Concept store

We are a concept store with a carefully curated unique selection of pottery, outdoor furniture and other useful, stylish items for the home, garden and beach life.​Our product range is all about quality, elegance and creating memories. We favor ecologically sustainable products made with pride and respect for local craftmanship and traditions.

The name

sigall e furmii

The name Cigale & Fourmi is French and comes from an ancient Fable about the Grasshopper and the Ant. The Grasshopper is laid-back, social and likes leisure, while the Ant is a hard worker.


Nature, tradition and design

Nature, tradition, design and colour inspires us. This can be seen in the hand picked selection of products in our store. We favor products that are made of natural and traditional materials, such as clay, wood and metal, that are beautifully designed with local craftsmanship and that brings us back to childhood memories.

Cigale & Fourmi

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Cigale & Fourmi goes Park
Cigale & Fourmi

Cigale & Fourmi goes Park

ETT LEVANDE VARDAGSRUM BUTIKEN Cigale & Fourmi är en unik konceptbutik specialiserad på vackra produkter till hemmet, trädgården och stranden...

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Featured product

Minsk - Low White - Cigale & Fourmi


Minsk - Low White

These Minsk pots are made out of Raku. Raku is a baking technique originated in Japan, in the mid-sixteenth century. During the extreme temperature change of cooling down, crazing or cracking occurs on many of the glazed areas of the pots. The multitude of parameters involved provides results varying at infinity, which gives each piece the quality of a single object.


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