Vases enhance the beauty of your home on their own, but when combined with striking cut flowers, they create a decoration that is truly exceptional. Within our selection, you will discover handmade vases with charming details. Whether your home's style leans towards simple Scandinavian or lavishly romantic, you can find the perfect vase to complement your space in our extensive collection.
Honey - Green Emerald Vase/Pot Bergs Potter
Misty - Green Emerald Vase Bergs Potter
Romeo - Green Emerald - Cigale &  Fourmi
Willow Vase - Emerald Green Pottery Bergs Potter
Daisy - Green Emerald Vase/Pot Bergs Potter
Daisy Vase - Green Emerald Vase Bergs Potter
Minsk - High White Vase Domani
Willow Vase - Black Pottery Bergs Potter
Daisy Vase - Yellow Amber Vase Bergs Potter
Lund Bal Vase - White Pottery Domani
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Luzon Pot - Frosted Green Vase Domani
Luzon - Frosted Dark Grey Vase Domani
Zinc - Half Bowl Pottery Domani
Minsk - High Red Vase Domani
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Caracas Raku Pot - White Vase Domani
Lund - Cloud - Cigale &  Fourmi
Oak - Green Emerald Vase Bergs Potter
Caracas Raku Pot - Brick - Cigale &  Fourmi
Vas Glasilium Holder for Wall - Brass Vase Holder Scandinavia Form
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