Omenapatsas - Emerald Crackled lasi

€138,00 Myynti Tallenna
Koko D12 cm

Bull and Steins glass apples „Transparences” – are sparkling and bright, hand-blown, apple shaped sculptures.

In her creation, the Brazilian artist, Lisa Pappon, has inspired herself from the beauty and magic of a glacial universe, fairylike and extraterrestrial. The craquelure technique gives the object its icy and crystal-like aspect. The apple-shaped „Transparences“ artwork reflects the ambient light, like a Diamond, so delicate and fragile, we admire and handle it like the most precious jewel on Earth – fearing that it could melt and disappear before our eyes.

The apple, symbol of the Earth, of life itself, of knowledge and of sensuality, Ishtar’s pome, fruit of the Hesperides and of Avalon, has expressed emotion, inspiration and ideas since the dawn of time. A reward to the beautiful and the heroic, a badge of authority and a source of magic, myriad cultures have associated these attributes with the apple and as such the fruit has adorned human art throughout the ages.

Size: D12 cm x H 10 cm

Weight: 0,7 kg 


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