Childrens Digging Spade



This digging spade is perfect for keen younger and/or smaller gardeners or adults that wants a smaller spade.

It may be small, but this spade is perfectly formed, and it benefits from many of the design features of our beautiful full-sized garden spades. Naturally, it is also crafted to the same exacting manufacturing standards as our larger stainless steel tools. However, please note that this is not a full-size spade. It has been designed to be lightweight and easy to use, rather than for the exceptional strength and all-round performance of our full-size spades.

The comfortable 'Y'-grip handle is crafted from FSC certified hardwood, with a riveted strapped socket for extra strength at this key joint. The polished stainless steel head is highly resistant to rust and moves easily through the soil. 

Head dimensions: 17cm long x 13.5cm wide            Overall length: 85cm

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