Ruukku - vaaleanharmaa D35 cm

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Edge Pot is a series of simple, hand-thrown terracotta flowerpots in various colours and sizes, for indoor use. The series takes inspiration from the characteristic shape of the Amphora vase in the ancient Greek-Egyptian pottery tradition.

This version has a drainage hole and requires a plate for underlay protection.

Glazed Terracotta / Light Grey
ØxH: 35x34 cm

Terracotta is a beautiful looking type of earthenware formed by low-fired clay. Skagerak’s terracotta pots are hand-thrown in Portugal, which gives each pot a unique expression. Terracotta means “baked earth” in Italian and the pottery technique can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece.

Cleaning and maintenance
The product requires a minimum of care. However, if necessary clean the pot using lukewarm and soapy water. Wipe afterwards with a dry cloth. Be aware that the terracotta is fragile so always take care when moving the pot around.
The pots can be used for repotting or as covers for traditional plastic pots. They either come with a metal insert or a drain hole in the bottom, both serving the same purpose of draining excess water from the plant. Always use potting soil as normal soil is too heavy for the pot. Before potting the large Edge pots, with the bottom drain hole, it is advisable to place a small piece of fiber cloth at the bottom of the pot to prevent the hole from clogging. Then place a layer of hydro grains and to optimize the drain completely, finish with a small piece of fiber cloth again, before adding the potting soil.

Note: We recommend always using a plate or a saucer under the pot to avoid spots and marks on floor or windowsill. A saucer should also be used under the pots without drain holes. For indoor use only.


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