Sunglasses- Asmara Explorer Black Matt Havana Tartarugato Matt 23B Green g15 Gradient 46'



Asmara Explorer is an evolution of L.G.R.'s iconic model Asmara. The cellulose acetate side flaps of the Explorer version are characterized by small and sophisticated design apertures, inspired by the lines of the three-light window of Ottica Bini, the emporium in downtown Asmara of Luca Gnecchi Ruscone's grandfather, Raffaello Bini.

100% Handmade in Italy
Sanded cellulose acetate
Acetate side flaps

Tempered mineral glass lenses
100% UV protection
6 layers of anti-reflective coating (interior)
Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating
Impact resistant
IR Protection
Filter category: 3

To clean your glasses, gently rub some soap and water over them, rinse well and dry with a clean cloth.

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