Vasello - Terrakotta

Size: D10 cm x K11 cm


Pot for plants. Made in different sizes, with a proportional increase between the different sizes. Handmade, using Impruneta clay, resistant to frost up to – 30° C.The roots’ and plants’ health is improved by the good breathability of the terracotta, its termical isolation, and the slow release of the humidity from the watering. The article acquires a beautiful exterior aspect over the course of the seasons. 

These pots has draining holes.

Saucers we recommend:

D10 - Saucer Liscio -Terracotta (without a rim) 10 (9-11cm)

D15 - Saucer Liscio - Terracotta (without a rim) 12,5 (12-14cm)

D19 - 

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