Gloves- WILMA Lamb Shearling Curly

Size: 6
Sale price€159,00


Stylish hand-sewn gloves made from deer nappa leather. The structure of deer lather is dense and velvet-soft. The unlined design makes it easy to appreciate the softness of the suede leather inside. The cuff length is about 2” (approx 5 cm), covering the wrists. In addition, the cuffs are with an elastic band to improve the overall fit. The gloves are hand-sewn to ensure quality and precision.

The gloves are made to fit perfectly using the centuries-old table cutting method. Excess flexibility is stretched out of the leather, leaving only an optimal level of elasticity. This ensures that the gloves will retain their fit, and that they won't stretch even after long-term use. The hides are used as thoroughly as possible to minimise wasted material.

Made by Sauso, Finland.

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