Soil Rake - Classic Red



This classic soil rake for raking, levelling and smoothing flower and vegetable beds and for raking small branches together, stones or separated sod, Also suitable for distributing bark mulch.
The sharp tines are perfect for working on slightly harder soils, Efficient working due to ideal rake width of 36 cm, Optimal distance between the tines of 2.5 cm for raking together small branches or stones without slipping through.
Long handle for comfortable working posture that protects the back, Knot-free ash wood for special stability
High durability of hardened steel tines and knot-free ash wood handle, Finnish design
Width 36 cm with 14 pointed and sharp tines. Distance between the tines 2,5 cm
Length: 168 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Hardened Steel/Ash wood
Red/Natural Wood

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